WordPress Consulting: PRO TIPS to Avoid the Summer Web Traffic Slump

WordPress Consulting: PRO TIPS to Avoid the Summer Web Traffic Slump

WordPress Consulting:

PRO TIPS to Avoid the Summer Web Traffic Slump

In between the yard barbecues, swimming trips, and children summer camps, it’s no surprise numerous businesses, as well as marketers, see a dip in website traffic and involvement throughout the summer season. It’s something that influences companies from all markets, as customers are busy with summertime vacations and getaways. If you’re already experiencing a summertime slip – or if you want to make certain one does not take place to you – we’ve got a couple of tips below for exactly how to re-engage your summer target market.

WordPress Consulting PRO TIP #1 – Make the most of summertime experiences
Many customers and target markets understand to look for sales and also unique discount rates throughout vacations. Whether you’re using a price cut or not, think about positioning a holiday-specific message on your site to recapture your target market’s attention while they’re kicking back in your home or perusing the online sales. The summertime is still filled with seasonal content ideas for each European country! Use a clever piggyback-ride tactic, by targeting local events + well-known vacation/relax places. You local customers mostly would never be interested in events from neighbouring places … except when they are themselves there!

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WordPress Consulting PRO TIP #2 – Change your message (or even your audience!)
Use your audience’s attitude by changing the message of your advertising and marketing. Regain your consumers’ interest with states of the period or future events they might require to consider soon. Think of what will certainly really feel relevant to your company, such as summertime travelling, youngsters returning to school, or autumn tasks. Relying on your service or product, likewise, bear in mind the target market you’re targeting. For instance, if your item occurs to be much more winter-focused, go straight after an audience in cooler areas of the country or globe.

WordPress Consulting PRO TIP #3 – Streamline your website
Take advantage of the downtime by doing some behind-the-scenes work on your WordPress site. From refreshing your photography on essential web pages to fixing broken web links, doing some vital maintenance / speed up / SEO / GDPR on your site is always a great idea. Start by analysing what has one of the most impacts on your website, both functionally and also visually. Rejuvenate duplicate posts and even images on web pages that really feel stagnant or out-of-date, remove inactive “modules” that you haven’t utilised in years, or add a new one. This is additionally a good time to do any kind of large movement projects you’ve put on the back heater.


We can offer you confidently, SEVERAL OPTIONS to choose which one suits your needs better.

WordPress Consulting PRO TIP #4 – Enhance and boost your social media
While your audience may be busy on summertime holidays, it does not indicate they’re not energetic on social media. Ensure to keep up your posting cycles on your energetic social media networks – this will additionally assist your website. Take into consideration a paid social ad campaign to bring more site visitors to your site also – this is a wonderful time to have a special offer or discount to help draw individuals in while they’re surfing their good friends’ latest summertime photos. They are more likely to already be on social media channels, than any other time!

WordPress Consulting PRO TIP #5 – Review your strategic plan.
Utilise this moment to review your website and business in its existing state, and make a plan for just how you intend to optimise it for the company moving forward. Do your product pages need better information or revised duplicate? Does your e-commerce module need tweaking to provide a much better user experience? Analyse what those vital locations are as well as create a strategy (as well as budget!) for exactly how you want to tackle them throughout the next months.



It’s time to see THE BIG PICTURE!

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