Reality testing

We consistently discuss on this site how simple it is to begin your own WordPress business. The WordPress platform is free, user-friendly, simple to discover, and uses many different business chances. It looks like all you need to do is get started. So why does not everyone? I mean, there is a shocking number of people who play with the idea to start their own online business for years, however, they never materialize. In addition to that, of those who do make the leap, numerous stop working. According to some stats, 90% of Internet organisation start-ups fold within the first 120 days.

Ninety Percent! WOW…mostly maybe because of: Reality testing!

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So, it seems like not, in fact, everyone can do it. Why is that? Well, surprisingly most often the thing that gets in the way of any service venture is the person who wants to start it. Worry, self-sabotage, and other mental barriers eliminate fledgeling companies simply as quickly as the absence of funding.

Are You Struggling With a Mental Barrier In Your Business?
If your recently established company has you waking up sweat soaked in the middle of the night or simply the idea of starting out on your own is making your heart race, you are not alone. Every freelancer, entrepreneur, and business owner needs to deal with this example to some degree.

Reality testing

Reality testing is a principle in Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory in which the ego acknowledges the distinction between the external and internal world. In other words, it is the capability to see a situation for what it actually is, instead of what one hopes or fears it may be. How we perceive the world is not constantly accurate. Individuals make presumptions of what others think about them. We often let these assumptions control the method we believe and act. What is even worse is that for the most part, these presumptions are incorrect.

You need to straighten your perception to what the world truly thinks. Confirmation is one way to do it. Do you think that your work is bad at all? Discover an unbiased person who can tell you the reality and show you how you can enhance. Whether it is for writing, organisation or a different facet of life, you can get a mentor or a personal coach who can tell you what you are and what you can do. A mentor or coach can guide you in areas you need assistance with, and help you improve.

We are born and raised with certain cultural worths, that are shared through our moms and dads, our peers, school, the city and nation we live in, and the media we take in. In a world that is more interconnected than ever, we are now experiencing (some almost every day) the clash of viewpoints and worths. If we don’t open to the possibility of various ways and approaches to a service or an objective, we are limiting our potential for innovation, creativity, or alternative answers to worldwide questions like e.g. environment change.

The mental barriers we have about “how things should be done” and “what is normal” limit our thinking process and how we respect and value a varying viewpoint. These unconscious barriers of generalized unhealthy idea patterns about the world or groups of individuals around us have significant opportunity expenses.

A couple of examples of mental barriers about the world: “Oh, these millennials. Always on their phone, not prepared to roll up their sleeves and do the work. They just want to live the high life.” OR “Of course we desire diversity in our business. We simply can’t find qualified minorities to do the job.” OR “I never trust management. They are only out to make investors pleased. They have no interest in me.” OR “Let’s screen our job candidates for character profiles. We can just hire extraverts for this task. An introvert would never make a great leader.” OR “Female professional athletes just do not sell well. We can’t use them for our products.”

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Reality testing – How To:

The ability to distinguish between reality and fiction in one’s own thoughts is an important aspect of development. Errors in thinking can influence behaviour and lead to anxiety. Reality testing highlights the importance of recognizing common errors in one’s thinking and correcting them. Errors may include:
Overgeneralization, or assuming that one negative occurrence will lead to multiple negative occurrences.
All-or-nothing thinking, or believing that something will be entirely positive or entirely negative.
Comparison, or belittling one’s own achievements when they do not seem to match up to those of others.
Blame, or attributing one’s failures to others. Another form of erroneous thinking is accepting blame when one is not actually responsible.

These and other errors in thinking can be resolved by recognizing the error and formulating a more realistic thought. For example, instead of accepting all the blame for a negative occurrence, one might consider all of the participants and factors in a particular event and carefully consider who and what else contributed to the outcome.
Many contemporary psychologists have abandoned Freudian theories and may not fully accept Freud’s concept of reality testing. Reality testing, however, remains an important part of separating oneself from others and the external world.


Ideas implemented from constrained points of view (biased developers, designers, sysadmins) will NOT BENEFIT YOUR online strategies, harming your long-term competitiveness.

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