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Why You Need a WordPress Backup Service and NOT JUST a Plugin


WordPress Backup is an important, recurrent responsibility for every site owner. A common WP plugin simply does not match the needs for a safe WordPress Backup. It’s not a matter of IF, but a simple WHEN. Overlooking the following arguments will ensure critical data loss in due time. This is why you Need a WordPress Backup Service!

  1. Simplicity

    Everybody is busy, we get that. Yet nobody troubles itself for hours to think about the years of work already done. Why is that? Do you think, that solving the “WordPress backup” task under 15 minutes can fully safeguard all your years of work?

  2. Cheap

    Everybody is on a tight budget. We get that also. Yet nobody orders and pays for the cheapest insurance. Why is that? Do you think, that the FREE “WordPress backup” solution can fully safeguard all your years of work? Or maybe you value your years of work less, than a coffee per month?

  3. Technical mumbo-jumbo

    Incremental backup, full backup, partial backup, backup cycle, database backup, table backup, files backup, media backup, uploads backup, wp-content backup, public HTML backup, folder backup, daily backups, hourly backups, weekly backups, monthly backups. Do all these mean something to you? Are you willing to raise yourself to a trustworthy level, so you can safely backup your own data?

  4. Provision For Off-Site Backups

    Security is something we all consider. After all, it’s our data, that is in jeopardy. Yet, when external solutions are implemented, mostly nobody concerns itself with the wide-open doors left behind after a “successful backup implementation”. You protect viciously your data inside your WordPress from curious eyes, so nobody could steal a single information. Yet, you create an archived (small) single file, stored conveniently for easy download with less security, than your emails have. Is it wise? Are you inviting yourself to a disaster party?

  5. Safe, Secure, and Tailored Backups: Automated solutions, stored in your own Hosted Private Cloud.

  6. Compatibility with your site

    Picking a plugin, because some site (who was paid to praise that plugin) said so, does not mean it will work. Is your WordPress the simplest of all? Or maybe, you have more, than a few things. Do you really think, that free plugin developers test their free products compatibility with premium plugins? And with premium themes? And with premium 3rd party integrations? And with premium Off-Site storage providers?

  7. Restoration process

    Let’s assume, that all the above arguments were just to tease your pride. Let’s do a hypothetical restore. What are the logical steps and the actuals steps to fully resurrect your WordPress? Do you know what needs to be deleted, so you can start the restore process? Do you know what needs to be deleted, so you can be sure that the restore process was successful?

  8. Religious belief

    You would not believe anybody, who says, that work was done successfully. You would first check if its done, then if it was done as you asked. Yet a simple confirmation, that backup was done is ok for most people. Do you really think, that there is are professionals who can restore an incomplete backup? In this case, there really is an afterlife, for your WordPress … and it is less than it was before!

Keep anything important safe: Automated backups, locally or in the cloud, to simplify any backup tasks. Be Safe from any Disaster!

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