Rising annoyance trends for WordPress Services in 2019

Rising annoyance trends for WordPress Services in 2019

Rising annoyance trends for WordPress Services in 2019

We’re compiling a list of annoyances what we need to address in the upcoming year, that plagued our WordPress Services business niche and our customers WordPress websites. This is a simple list, yet each mentions created frustrations for several people, throughout several business niches. And since we’re in the business of solving your problems – those frustrations became ours in the end. We didn’t mind challenging ourselves to strive against an ever-expanding list of problems, besides our typical business-related issues, however, graph trends shows, that this list is expanding and growing in intensity. We are familiar with this trend, as security skyrocketed in the last years: simple cases, like a lost password from ten years ago, evolved into defacements, then hacking, constant vulnerabilities and now highly specialised exploitation, backdoors and targeted mass hacking. Yet, this list of simple annoyances (mostly without repercussions) starts to show an alarming trend.

Let’s see this list:

WordPress Services trend for 2019 – annoyances:

  1. – spam
  2. – comments
  3. – cryptocurrencies
  4. – manual-labour services
  5. – disappearing websites


SPAM – an annoyance, old as the internet

We hoped, that GDPR will temper this. Oh, how optimistic of us! It did not even make a ding on the numbers. While, after careful analysis, anybody can notice, that the number of spammers is much lower, however, the volume they are able to amass for a single email blast is mind-blowingly impressive. Also, the technology used is up-to-date, where email headers are carefully crafted to mimic real-life scenarios. Protection against receiving an unsolicited email SHOULD NOT exist. That’s the main purpose of public communication – to keep an open channel. While, there should be several alternatives, where the 3rd, 4th, 5th and so of the SAME EMAIL (or just follow-ups) SHOULD BE INCAPABLE of reaching your inbox. Filters work, but they are eating legitimate emails, even between colleagues. Eh, at least we have that white-lie, that we did not receive the email, even if it was sent to the group. 馃檪

comments – a personal annoyance, fueled by grudges

Being another person on the internet, a most annoying and verbally aggressive one is not a new story for anybody. An alarming trend appears, however, where leaving 1-2 sarcastic comments transformed into long rants going on for days, involving friends into this verbal battle. The once 1-2 per month per WordPress manually made comments marked as inappropriate, now rose for 3-4 per post published on average. Maybe a psychology specialist can weight in on this, but we think, that the constant annoyance erodes the core values, creating more and more reason to leave a negativistic comment. What’s your opinion on this? Leave a comment, and don’t get pissed if it’s not published! 馃榾


VERY AFFORDABLE FOR ALL THAT IT OFFERS! CHEAPER and FASTER, than designers + developers + sysadmins hired for specific WordPress tasks.

cryptocurrencies – an omnipresent, yet barely understood subject

Its the latest buzzword. Where gazillions are invested, vested to battle the other established unicorns: tech giants, medical & trading niches. It is the ultimate disruptor, using technology to go against directly established (and highly influential) government and financial institutions. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The ultimate aim, to go against the global economy transferring all into cryptocurrencies; to transfer all physical bureaucratic footprints into blockchains and whatever we think up next. Many more are just popping up into existence, then burning through everybody’s fantasy, emptying the contents of any wallet, creating the sough after utopia and a little dystopian monster (with the power of a black hole against a blue planet). 馃檮

manual-labour services – a constant struggle againts itself

We love any kind of preneurs: ecopreneurs, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, selfpreneurs, infopreneurs, e-preneurs, mompreneurs, socialpreneurs, multipreneurs, or even the classical: freelancers. However, each and every one should dial down their generated annoyances. We’re not attacking, nor recommending to stop. We simply advise to consider alternatives. There is no one size fits all solution, especially when you want to sell your services. Also, you’re in an attrition war againts your own customers. (Attrition warfare is a military strategy consisting of belligerent attempts to win a war by wearing down the enemy to the point of collapse through continuous losses in personnel and materiel.) Explaining why: most of your customers (if not all) have no clue there are services like yours – and if they do, they a suspicious to start a collaboration, trust is an issue, so is money. So, in short, under no circumstances stop your FIRST communications attempts (calls, email, social media messages). However, please stop the 4th-5th-6th follow-up, if no communication was iniated. 馃槼


CHEAPER & FASTER: Compared to designers + developers + sysadmins hired for specific WordPress tasks.

disappearing websites – a dead weight, dragging down your website

Businesses appear and disappear in an ever-expanding number. Websites? Pff, way more often than you think. Not even worth comparing the numbers between business and websites. Websites win with a score close to perfect match. So, what this means and how it affects you and your website? Well, imagine a simple landing page, that you linked a few weeks/months/years ago. That landing page disappears. Your links remain. So is the search index (for a while at least). Now, your website, with its page containing the link to that non-existent page fuels traffic into a dead-end. This is what they call broken links, and it is an SEO penalty. Also, this is how you waste others precious time when they are using your website – losing your own trust and business as a secondary side effect.

Now imagine, that same problem but with several links to a webpage (to a domain/subdomain), that does not exist anymore. Maybe it was a partnership, maybe it was a promotional/seasonal/one-time thing, that exchanged links and now, when the entire domain is no more, your left with several broken links. We, as a provider of tools (owl WECRA), know, that on average 10% of existing links are broken. The older the site is, the number keeps up climbing. As a provider of WordPress Speed Up services, we know, that fewer errors provide a better performance for ALL the visitors. So, do everybody a favour and several huge ones for yourself and tend to your broken links. If it’s a colossal work, without any immediate benefits, then at least unlink the URLs. 馃槙


Care for your WordPress: Delegate technical work to us. Enjoy a headache-free WP!

Did you noticed other annoyances that we missed? Leave your discovery in the comments below!

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