WordPress 5.0.2 Maintenance Release

WordPress 5.0.2 Maintenance Release

WordPress 5.0.2 Maintenance Release

WordPress 5.0.2 is now available, since Wednesday night, December 19, 2018. This is a maintenance release that addresses 73 bugs. We strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately. The primary focus of this release was performance improvements in the block editor: the cumulated performance gains make it 330% faster for a post with 200 blocks.

Here are a few of the additional highlights:

  • – 45 total Block Editor improvements are included (14 performance enhancements & 31 bug fixes).
  • – 17 Block Editor related bugs have been fixed across all of the bundled themes.
  • – Some internationalization (i18n) issues related to script loading have also been fixed.


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WordPress 5.0.2: Administration (2 bugs)
#45483Post edit and Add New Plugin pages have PHP notices in 7.3.defect (bug)normal
#45703Update the About page for 5.0.2task (blessed)normal
WordPress 5.0.2: Bundled Theme (17 bugs)
#39738Twenty Seventeen: Cannot resize image in the post editor due to a css ruledefect (bug)4.7.2normal
#44699Twenty Seventeen: Comment form cookies consent checkbox has no focus styledefect (bug)normal
#44775Twenty Seventeen: Ordered List’s “start” attribute doesn’t work inside Post/Page Editordefect (bug)4.9.8normal
#44776CSS definitions for <sub> and <sup> are reverseddefect (bug)4.7normal
#45369Twenty Nineteen: Columns Block doesn’t stack up properly on iPadsdefect (bug)5.0normal
#45408Twenty Seventeen: Error font-family style for Simplified Chinese (zh_CN).defect (bug)5.0normal
#45421Twenty Eleven: Font size used in error instead of font weight, in editor-blocks.cssdefect (bug)5.0normal
#45427Twenty Sixteen: Button blocks don’t apply custom coloursdefect (bug)5.0normal
#45428Twenty Fifteen: Button blocks don’t apply custom coloursdefect (bug)5.0normal
#45429Twenty Fourteen: Button blocks don’t apply custom coloursdefect (bug)5.0normal
#45431Twenty Thirteen: Button blocks don’t apply custom coloursdefect (bug)5.0normal
#45432Twenty Twelve: Button blocks don’t apply custom coloursdefect (bug)5.0normal
#45433Twenty Eleven: Button blocks don’t apply custom coloursdefect (bug)5.0normal
#45434Twenty Ten: Visited link colours override custom coloursdefect (bug)5.0normal
#45450Bundled themes: Default block appender markup now incorrect in editor-blocks.cssdefect (bug)5.0normal
#45452Bundled Themes: De-Gutenbergify comments and CSS selectorsdefect (bug)5.0normal
#45681Bundled Themes: Bump version numbers and update changelogs for 5.0.2 releasetask (blessed)5.0.1normal


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WordPress 5.0.2: Editor (2 bugs)
#45456PHP Notice: edit_form_advanced is deprecated since version 5.0.0!defect (bug)5.0minor
#45637Update the WordPress packages for 5.0.2defect (bug)normal
WordPress 5.0.2: I18N (3 bugs)
#45425Add a filter to the translation file location for script localisationdefect (bug)5.0normal
#45528load_script_textdomain() doesn’t load translations when WP installed in a subdirectory with custom content dirdefect (bug)5.0normal
#45668The (new) determine_locale() may throw a noticedefect (bug)5.0normal
WordPress 5.0.2: Posts, Post Types (1 bug)
#45711Page listing is no longer hierarchicaldefect (bug)trunknormal
WordPress 5.0.2: REST API (1 bug)
#45420requiring wp-admin/includes/image.php twice in WP_REST_Attachments_Controller::create_itemdefect (bug)5.0minor
WordPress 5.0.2: Script Loader (3 bugs)
#45472Incorrect wp_get_script_polyfill() call in script loaderdefect (bug)5.0minor
#45506wp_register_tinymce_scripts() provides incorrect arguments to includes_url()defect (bug)5.0normal
#45547Minified RTL package styles are not loaded due to wrong file namedefect (bug)5.0normal


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