“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” ~ Michael LeBoeuf

What is Service Level Agreement?

An SLA ( Level Agreement) is a CONTRACT in which you formally define the to be provided by the vendor in support of a client’s project, specifically post-launch. The list of can range from performance expectations to issue/support triage.

Why you need an Service Level Agreement?

The value of an SLA is two-sided. The client has an assurance that they are covered in emergencies while the vendor has a contract that states what they are expected to support and in what time frame. All of the items in an SLA should be discussed between the client and vendor. There can be a lot to offer and take, but like many important documents, SLAs are meant to be written and rewritten … and rewritten. This helps the client to an updated level of support.

The advantages of an Service Level Agreement:

    » Establishes open communication with customers and a better understanding of their business.
    » Allows teams to understand the level of needed for various incident priorities.
    » Demonstrates to all parties involved, that not all incidents are created equally.
    » Provides the critical framework and guidelines necessary when creating or updating information.

What we can offer as Service Level Agreement:

    » A dedicated person, as your own business representative.
    » Employee, who speaks your native language, for easy communications.
    » TOP PRIORITY to resolve any upcoming emergencies .
    » 24 / 7 / 365 professional support.

Have a positive service experience!

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