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Who is internetVista?
InternetVista provides you a service, which makes it possible to make your Internet investments profitable and reliable. internetVista® independently and constantly monitors the Internet services of its customers and alerts them in case of an anomaly.

Why use internetVista’s Website Monitoring?

internetVista® also produces detailed reports on the performance of the monitored services: the levels of availability and the response time. These statistics represent actual control panels and are precious tools, which help customers decide on their web strategy.

internetVista® does not require any development or installation on the part of the customer, the monitoring is activated directly. Furthermore, internetVista is always there with you to help you with the configuration of your subscription or for any problem encountered.

User experience starts with a WordPress page load.

internetVista – Uptime Checks Price

Pricing starts at €4.18/month. Ideal for personal blogs and small business usage. Set of features include: 1 Application with 15 minutes Check Interval; 1 Media; Support 24/7; Multi-User; Reporting.


  1. Monitoring frequency per month:
    • 60 minutes 0.79€
    • 30 minutes 1.59€
    • 20 minutes 2.39€
    • 15 minutes 3.19€
    • 10 minutes 4.79€
    • 5 minutes 9.49€
    • 3 minutes 14.99€
    • 1 minute 19.99€
  2. Media type per month:
    • email 0.99€
    • mobile phone (SMS) 0.99€
    • Twitter account 0.99€
  3. Notifications per month:
    • email free
    • SMS 0.17€ –> 0.19€
    • tweet free
internetVista monitors much more than just your uptime:

Monitoring your website
– Continuously check the availability of all your web services thanks to our monitoring centres around the world.

Real-time alerts 24/7
– Be the first to be alerted as soon as an anomaly is detected and proven via various alert channels (email, SMS, Twitter, Slack, etc.).

Performance reports
– Quickly identify which of your web services are underperforming in terms of speed and availability with our detailed performance reports.

Scenario monitoring
– Simulate, monitor and optimize your visitors’ path through your website by putting your key pages under monitoring (contact form, purchase process, login, API, etc.).

Accurate WordPress monitoring. Industry leading feature set!

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