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HetrixTools – Public Status Pages for your WordPress Monitoring


Who is HetrixTools?
HetrixTools, launched in May 2015, was created with the purpose of giving webmasters a useful set of monitoring tools that would improve their efficiency and make their workflow simpler. The platform you see before you is the result of thousands of coding hours, tens of thousands of lines of code, extensive QA testing and countless cups of coffee.

We’ve custom coded HetrixTools from scratch, and not just the main features such as the blacklist monitor and uptime monitor modules, but also the support desk and billing system, because we wanted the final product to offer a premium experience for all of our clients, and in order to accomplish such a thing we didn’t cut any corners.

Why use HetrixTools’s Website Monitoring?

This platform was built with some well-defined core goals:

  • It must be simple, fast and intuitive.
  • It must deliver good, accurate and clear results to the end user.
  • It must be secure, in order to fully protect our users’ data and privacy.
  • It must be able to scale in order to meet a higher demand as the user base grows.
  • It must be able to expand, so we can constantly add more features and tools.
  • It must be useful and efficient.

User experience starts with a WordPress page load.

HetrixTools – Uptime Checks Price

Pricing starts at $9.95/month. Ideal for personal sites and blogs. Set of features include 20 Uptime Monitors, 20 Server Monitors, 1 Minute Frequency, Select 6 From 12 Locations.

N0 Sub-Accounts, 10000 API Calls / Month, Downtime Diagnostics, Priority Support, Unlimited Report History, Private/Public Reports, Bulk Reports, Partial White Label Reports, Domain Expiration Monitoring, NameServer Monitoring, SSL Authenticity Monitoring, SSL Expiration Monitoring, Unlimited Contact Lists, 25 SMS Credits / Month, PushBullet Notifications, Pushover Notifications, Twitter Notifications, Slack/Discord Integration, HipChat Integration, PagerDuty Integration, Telegram Integration, Webhook Notifications.

HetrixTools monitors much more than just your uptime:

Private/Public Reports
– Every uptime monitor report generated by your account is private by default. It only takes just one click to switch between Private and Public reports. Once a report has been made public you can share it to be viewed by anyone who has the uptime monitor report link.

Server Monitor
– In addition to monitoring your uptime, you can also track your server’s resource usage, display it in your Uptime Reports, and even set custom warnings to be notified if the resource usage gets too high.

Contact Lists
– You can create an unlimited number of contact lists and assign these to your uptime monitors. All contacts included in a contact list will be notified when an outage is detected.

Accurate WordPress monitoring. Industry leading feature set!

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