[updated] 94 Common causes of WP performance drag


DEFINITION of WP performance drag:
The negative effect of load time on the performance of a specific WordPress page. Performance drag is most commonly attributed to due to the lack of WordPress optimization, but there are many cases, where a perfect speed optimised WordPress still underperforms. In such cases, the only culprit is the need for a specific feature, provided via a WP plugin, that causes these spikes in load times. This means, that the WordPress performance drag is not present site-wide, but only on this specific WP page, where the need for a specific feature forces to accept this load time increase.

BREAKING DOWN WP performance drag:
For many WordPress owners, the actual increase of a page load time is sharply different, then what would be recommended by WordPress optimisation specialists or ideal user experience.

For example, let’s analyze one of our own landing pages:


The landing page monitoring clearly states that pages load between 147msec and 3282msec, meaning between 0.15 and 3.3 seconds. When we consider math, comparing the best and worst, then the feature adds a whopping:

2200% page load time increase!

Not double, not triple, not ten times, not a hundred times, not a thousand times, but 2200%. Wow, cold, hard facts. So, why we endure this landing page and allow it to exist? Because on that specific page we use a feature, that even with our best WordPress performance optimization techniques drags the load time down.

Very Affordable offer: Cheaper, than a new website. Cheaper, than designers + developers + system administrators hired for various optimisation tasks.

We reviewed a few of these must-have specific features, that impact hugely your wp performance, with their simple presence on any WordPress page. Read the blog posts, where the primary goal is focusing on tips to solve the problems. You can consider our recommendations as options to solve the load time increase from these features.

#1 – Sliders

How to fix any WordPress SLIDER load time – [9 tips]

#2 – Gallery

How to fix any WordPress GALLERY load time – [11 tips]

#3 – Forms

How to fix any WordPress FORM load time – [11 tips]

#4 – Social Media

HOW TO FIX any SOCIAL MEDIA added load time – [63 tips]

FASTER and much CHEAPER: Compared to designers + developers + system administrators hired for various WordPress performance optimisation tasks.

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