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WordPress fixes

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malware Cleanup

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on-demand WordPress Services, that boost your business competitiveness

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negotiated S.L.A.

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auto reporting

Trust is not easy to come by! No need to have trust issues, when you can log automatically all actions taken on your domain. Ultimate audit of internal screening and review!

security AUDIT

Identify high-risk problems. Taking access and rights management into serious consideration is the foundation for a safely guarded online presence throughout your domain.

staging server

We can facilitate a safe zone for testing purposes. An internal website, where you can create and modify as you like. Deploy, when it reached the perfect form.

mandatory standards

We implement missing standards with tactics that outlast trends. Use the entire search engine page for your brand while helping customers find exactly what they need.


When you change hardware, hosting providers or undergo major modifications. Enjoy ZERO: downtime, data loss and customers awareness about the planned maintenance.