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How to fix any SOCIAL PROOF added load time

Dec 08 2017

SOCIAL PROOF features are meant to enhance the lure to accept something, as a psychology trick. When you see, that one (or…

[updated] 63 tips on HOW TO FIX any SOCIAL MEDIA added load time

Dec 07 2017

Social Media is present everywhere. Online and offline. Lately, I've seen ads with like boxes. Yeah, the most hated things join hands…

How to fix any SOCIAL INSIGHTS added load time

Dec 01 2017

SOCIAL MEDIA INSIGHTS are support tools for social media accounts associated with your WordPress. They track rich audience data powered by social…

[updated] 94 Common causes of WP performance drag

Nov 30 2017

DEFINITION of WP performance drag: The negative effect of load time on the performance of a specific WordPress page. Performance drag is…

[updated] 175 Tips - Hyper Guide to WP Speed Up

Nov 23 2017

We created this curated post as a Hyper Guide to WordPress Speed Up. Use these techniques and gain hyper speed for your…

WordPress Speed Up: WP fine-tuning

Nov 17 2017

WordPress Speed Up can be achieved with a few powerful optimisations. Use these techniques as an inspiration to improve your WP load-time…

WordPress Speed Up: Bad decisions

Nov 15 2017

Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions. However, bad decision in WordPress and online presence doesn't create a…

WordPress Speed Up: WP Configuration

Nov 14 2017

You can modify a few settings, changing your WordPress configuration, to boost your loading times. WordPress Speed Up can be achieved even…

WordPress Speed Up: Foundation

Nov 13 2017

“...Childishness comes almost as naturally to a man as to a child...” ― Isaac Asimov, Foundation Could not resist to use a…

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