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How to fix any SOCIAL COMMENTS added load time

Dec 06 2017

SOCIAL MEDIA COMMENTS are feature-switch options for your WordPress, meant to replace the default WP comment system with an external platform provided…

How to fix any SOCIAL FOLLOW button added load time

Nov 28 2017

SOCIAL FOLLOW BUTTONS are direct links to your social media profiles. They can take many forms, shapes, and sizes. Most common are…

[updated] 175 Tips - Hyper Guide to WP Speed Up

Nov 23 2017

We created this curated post as a Hyper Guide to WordPress Speed Up. Use these techniques and gain hyper speed for your…

WordPress Speed Up: WP fine-tuning

Nov 17 2017

WordPress Speed Up can be achieved with a few powerful optimisations. Use these techniques as an inspiration to improve your WP load-time…

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