25 Jul: Never give up your humour

One of our customer, a freshly launched IOT automation startup, ordered a recurrent keyword position monitoring report for its business niche. He paid, we delivered. It was bad. We have never seen so much abuse, so much disappointment in a single report. Long report with the same unranked positions showing…

Yahoo keyword monitoring

05 Jul: Yahoo! Locale alphabetical order

You can use owl KEYRA for your Yahoo! keyword position tracking. Use the below table to find your options for your desired language: URL Country Locale https://maktoob.search.yahoo.com Israel Arabic https://in.search.yahoo.com India Bengali https://dk.search.yahoo.com Denmark Danish https://be.search.yahoo.com Belgium Dutch https://nl.search.yahoo.com Netherlands Dutch https://ch.search.yahoo.com Switzerland Dutch https://search.yahoo.com Australia English https://ca.search.yahoo.com Canada English…