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PREMIUM WordPress PLUGINS for an owlsome experience


The best PREMIUM WordPress plugins

Pick from TOP candidates. Choose winner on strict criteria: developer country, license cost, features list, support response time, privacy or security history, compatibility with your existing WordPress plugins.

Special care is taken to ensure that everything is fully compatible with your WP, safely configured to your request.
Going forward, we make clear recommendations on any publicly reported vulnerabilities our experts identify.
Test before you commit. Compare several options. Use premium/pro versions, employ their extra features/addons.
Helping you trusting our WP/Woo leadership & expertise will ensure performance + security benefits for the long-term.


TEST before you buy

NO plugin offers demo capabilities of their premium features. You find out if it suits your needs after you purchased it. Then you start the reimbursement process, which is often annoying. We offer you 15 DAY TRIAL period of full features BEFORE you decide to buy.


Those features work with my theme? Or with my plugins? Or with my hosting? When was this last updated? GDPR compliant? These are the real questions to ask. We offer you SECURITY and SPEED consulting by default. Customer support for 3rd party plugin WHEN NEEDED.

PLETHORA of options

Is your service provider try to force you to buy a specific item? Is your hosting provider clearly stating that your chosen option is not compatible with their infrastructure? WordPress is WP because YOU HAVE OPTIONS. STOP giving into small-minded business models.

LONGEVITY and migration

Nothing last forever. What happens when you face sold agencies, deprecated code or discontinued building blocks? How does your business dependant features get migrated? We offer FREE consulting to choose from a MANAGED LIST of suitable CANDIDATES.

managed PREMIUM WordPress plugins

TEST similar options to compare features, security, speed. Full professional help tailoring settings for your domain. Centralize licenses, customer support problems into a single point of contact. Switch fast WHEN data or privacy compliance breaches happen.


Have questions? Discover hassle-free 3rd party integrations.


Drop us a line, providing your inquiry about PREMIUM WordPress plugins.