Never give up your humour

July 25, 2017
Never give up your humour

One of our customer, a freshly launched IOT automation startup, ordered a recurrent report for its business niche. He paid, we delivered. It was bad. We have never seen so much abuse, so much disappointment in a single report. Long report with the same unranked positions showing up. Report after report .... after report .... after report .... looked like this:

Never give up your humour
We started to be edgy, after the first few reports, that we're gonna lose this customer. Then, on the tenth report, we got a reply back to our email. We thought, this is it. The breakup, over an email. When we opened the email it was this meme inside:
Never give up your humour
So yeah. This is what it means to be an entrepreneur. Believe in your dreams and keep peddling till you're there. Don't let anything drag you down! AND NEVER EVER GIVE UP YOUR HUMOR!
Never give up your humour
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Never give up your humour

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