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Woo Security – WooCommerce Security features

Secure. Fast. Easy.
Tailored WooCommerce Security
Tailored WooCommerce Security makes business protection a whole lot easier
WHAT’S INCLUDED in WooCommerce Security?

Everything you need for your WooCommerce!

16+ years of owlsome experience solving WooCommerce Security challenges for our customers.
02. Managed Woo
Experts will Protect real-time your WooCommerce, so you can focus on your business.
03. Daily safeness
Firewall rules against known malware signatures and/or malicious IP addresses will keep you safe.
Real-time monitoring via our WooCommerce Security service.
Encrypt and/or decrypt database backups for added extra security.
Secure and Protect any folder, within or outside your WooCommerce.
Check before and/or after each task modification & alert when issues are detected.
Extra security layer (above credentials) to control WooCommerce sites.
Extra security layer (network level) to control WooCommerce sites.
Initiate emergency security changes on multiple sites when needed.
Block inline and/or jQuery references from themes, plugins, uploads.
12. Security Audit
Run weekly and/or on-demand a full Security Audit for your Woo.
13. check Webtrust
Identify and validate if your Woo public status is still TRUSTED.
14. check Blacklist
Interrogate 9 external entities for your Blacklisting Status.
15. check Malware
Identify & block known Malware, Ransomware, Adware, and Spyware.

WHO needs tailored Woo security? EVERYBODY!

Today’s reality needs a Web Application Firewall (WAF) plus an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to mitigate “gazillion” different threats in your WooCommerce.
16. nasty javascript
Identify and block known malicious JavaScript code.
17. NASTY iframe
Identify and block known malicious iframe embed.
18. Drive-By Download
Identify and block authorized & unknown Drive-By Download.
19. Anomaly detection
Monitor, Identify and alert if WooCommerce acts suddenly unusual.
20. IE-only attacks
Identify and block automated Internet Explorer attacks.
21. NASTY redirect
Identify and block known malicious SEO poisoning and redirects.
22. NASTY Blackhat SEO
Identify and block known Blackhat SEO tactics, links and spam.
23. NASTY comment
Identify and block known malicious WooCommerce spam comment.
24. JavaScript Audit
Identify and report running JavaScript from your WooCommerce.
25. Vulnerability
Audit to Identify and report known issues from your Woo Core, theme, plugin.
26. block php version
Identify and Prevent information leakage via PHP Version.
Identify and Prevent information leakage via Woo Version.
Identify & block PHP files in Uploads, Woo-content, Woo-includes directories.
29. Info Leakage
Prevent information leakage from known WP modules, themes, plugins.
30. Default Account
Prevent information leakage from known WooCommerce user types.

Updated weekly with new tactics

for an effective tailored Woo security posture. That’s 52 more in a year, compared to what you have today! This is how we become your partner for the long term!
31. BLOCK Editor
Identify and block known code editor from themes and plugins.
32. during HACK TASKS
Identify and Preventknown security breaches, blocking the next attack.
33. after hack TASKS
Roll out multiple changes to regain control and harden breach method.
34. Honeypot
Serve incorrect information leakage, blocking snooping attempts accordingly.
35. Security Alerts
Alerting involved parties with a deep level of information granularity.
36. Hardened Security
Deploy TAILORED changes immediately, when a situation arises.
37. Login protection
Detect and block suspicious and brute-force login attempts.
38. Data Protection
Prevent information leakage from various publicly accessible log files.
Prevent information leakage from publicly accessible personal data.
40. Block snooping
Identify and block snooping around for methods to exploit.
41. TIMED lockdown
Securely lock down the entire Woo during holidays or specified period.
42. Banned entities
Identify and block known malicious IP addresses, users, browsers.
43. Change Detection
Monitor, Identify and alert when unexpected file changes occur.
44. SSL enforce
Redirect communications between visitors and WooCommerce trough SSL.
45. MODULE protection
Protect with increased security when components become temporarily outdated.

One Security Audit per month included

That’s 12 more in a year, compared to what you have today! This is how we become your partner for the long term!
46. Password change
Mass update Woo user types password on multiple sites.
47. Two-Factor Auth
Two-Factor Authentication for greatly increased security.
Mobile app, email and/or backup codes Multi-Factor Authentication.
49. Owned Devices
Identify and allow Trusted Devices or block Unrecognized Login.
50. User Audit
Run weekly and/or on-demand Security Audits for your Woo user types.
51. DSS Compliance
Meet and comply with Data Security Standard for organizations.
Meet and comply with the Payment Card Industry Standards.
53. Secured login
Block default access paths and provide a more secured method.
54. SSL check
Verify SSL certificate chain integrity and alert if issues are detected.
55. Local BFP
Brute Force Protection, blocking random attackers login attempts.
56. Network BFP
Identify and Preventalready known Brute Force login attempts.
57. System Files
Identify and Protect Woo System Files from public access.
58. Directory ACCES
Identify and block Directory Browsing from public access.
59. PHP Audit
Identify known PHP security misconfigurations, dependencies.
60. MySQL Audit
Identify known MySQL security misconfigurations, dependencies.

Security is not a single-task job

Need tailored Woo security and got no clue where to start? Hire an expert. Pay a coffee per week or figure it out yourself.
61. Request Method
Identify and block external trace, delete, or track request method.
62. Query String
Identify and block Suspicious Query String from the request URL.
63. NASTY Character
Identify and block non-English characters from the request URL.
64. Long String
Identify and block Long String from the request URL.
65. File Permission
Identify and block permission changing for protected system files.
66. Password Enforce
Enforce a strong password with automated password expiration.
67. Compromised pwd
Refuse Compromised Password from publicly disclosed breaches.
68. WP Salts
Manage and change-on-demand the WooCommerce Salt secret key.
69. Block WLW
Remove the Windows Live Writer header, even when added by default.
70. block RDS
Remove the Really Simple Discovery header, even when added by default.
71. block XML-RPC
Stop and Block the XML-RPC feature, even when added by default.
72. block REST API
Stop and Block the WooCommerce REST API, even if ON by default.
73. block tabnabbing
Identify and Protect against Tabnapping phishing attacks.
74. block Traversal
Identify and mitigate attachment File Traversal attack.
75. Change Directory
Rename the default and public Woo-content directory to a new name.

Zero Trust security:

Delivers both secure, zero trust access to your WordPress and WooCommerce. Our single-pass security inspection happens at inside your WP, so security never comes with a performance tradeoff. DDoS protection, DDoS mitigation services to defend against the largest attacks.

76. Change Prefix
Rename the default database Table Prefix to a secret prefix.
77. change admin
Remove users with the “admin” username and/or a user ID of “1”.
78. rights Escalation
Grant temporary extra rights to a user for a specified time period.
79. Sucuri SECURITY
Manage Sucuri Security related settings and Woo Security tasks.
80. iThemes Security
Manage iThemes Security Pro related settings and Woo Security tasks.
81. Cloudflare
Manage Cloudflare related settings and Woo Security tasks.
82. HIDE MY Woo
Manage HIDE MY Woo related settings and Woo Security tasks.
Manage DEFENDER related settings and Woo Security tasks.
84. Wordfence
Manage Wordfence related settings and Woo Security tasks.
85. BulletProof
Manage BulletProof Security related settings and Woo Security tasks.
86. All In One
Manage All In One Woo Security related settings and Woo Security tasks.
We’re already working on our next big feature. Stay tuned or request a quick preview.

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