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New Release – owl MIN 1.2 – status pages

New Release – owl MIN 1.2 – status pages


We are very excited to present you a new feature implemented in the latest owl MIN 1.2 released in DEC 2018:

owl MIN now has several status page features, for all customers who wish to use these new implementations:

  • public status page
  • password protected status page
  • private status page


We think you’re going to be very pleased with the new status pages.

With the latest version released, – owl MIN 1.2 – status pagess can be used by all customers. We added several different approaches for a public page, to suite your specific needs.


New Release – owl MIN 1.2 – status pages – feature highlights:


public status page

– This new feature provides a public status page, where the page will be displaying all the major details needed (uptime/downtime status, time stamps, other relevant information). As a demo, check our Service Health Dashboard. These public pages can be accessed via a unique link, a short link or QR code. The page can be embedded on any websites, that allow iframe embedding.


password protected status page

– Same as the public status page, meaning that the page link still can be accessed directly. However, all data is password protected, and until the correct unlock code is not provided, no status data is displayed. This feature is useful for those, who wish to share the status page outside the company, but not with everybody.


private status page

– The status page is internal. The access link is strictly controlled by sharing to a group or individual level. This offers extra protection besides password, where even if somebody finds out the password, the page will still not be reachable due to the extra security features. This feature is useful for those, who wish to limit the access and control access level logs for auditing purposes.

The best solution for expert unique needs, large teams
OR simple novice users, single websites.

Do you have any feedback regarding these status pages? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!