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owl WECRA has arrived!


Our latest app, from our owlsome Business Apps, named owl WECRA, is officially launched and it’s better than a pizza dispensing rocket owl.

Crawl errors are the “organic ranking Kryptonite” for any sites looking to increase their search engine presence. On the customer-facing website, errors create a poor user experience. Behind the scenes, the awful crawl errors slowly eat up a site’s visibility in the SERPs, eroding any domain visibility over time.

      We aim to solve the following problems with owl WECRA:
  • staging to live migration issues, due to live environment configuration
  • constrantly growing errors, reported by search engines
  • sudden search engine ranking loss
  • accidental sensitive information leakage
  • inability to gain natural or organic traffic
  • waiting after seach engine to see if issues were resolved
  • constantly increase the daily crawl budget

Technical Sitemap Auditing: Quickly crawl your website to identify search engine crawl issues.