How to create short URL bundles?

How to create short URL bundles?

How to create short URL bundles?

We are excited to show you How to create public folders for short links, called short URL bundles. Having a few shortened links from the same type (like social media profile links) is easy to share individually. But as a collection of several can be a bit tricky, to share several shortened links. If you use owl URL’s BUNDLE feature, you can group these into a single folder. Sharing that folder will share all your short links within. Creating a bundle is easy, just make sure, you choose your profile PUBLIC, so others can see the contents of the folder. Adding existing URL’s into bundles is also easy, just edit, select bundle, then update. That simple and easy.


Short URLs promote sharing:
You can simply fit more content in less space with short URLs!



Targeting feature for a marketing ninja:
With our owl URL application, you can target your visitors with a single URL!

What do you think about this feature of owl URL? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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