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New Release – owl MIN – self-hosted monitoring solution

New Release - owl MIN - self-hosted monitoring solution

We are very excited to announce our latest addition to the owl SUITE:

owl MIN – Monitoring Infrastructures Naturally
– By far, it is the BEST, SIMPLEST & EASY Monitoring solution. Built without limitations and to be hosted by you, in your own privacy.

We think you’re going to be very pleased with the new features:


owl MIN feature highlights:
Privacy focused – a self-hosted monitoring approach offers you the peace of mind, that your data is not shared with anybody else.

zero clutter – no fancy, artistic approaches of web design to show time-sensitive, vital information; no extra clicks, just to find out what is going on.

zero unwanted features – no extra feature, that has nothing to do with uptime monitoring or downtime tracking or outage notification.

uptime monitoring – for domains, subdomains, specific URLs, specific ports. Built to meet eccentric requests from world-wide customers, used daily by professional and expert teams.

simple and easy to understand – extremely easy to understand, familiar looks with simple, clear and minimalist approaches to display information. No IT knowledge required to setup or use.

branding – Customizable enough so you can use it as your very own internal solution, suited to specific internal procedures regarding outages and escalations.

white label – Flexible enough to provide it for your customers, with your own branding. Our “less is more” approach gives you enough space to adapt it to NEW specific business niche needs.

The best solution for expert unique needs, large teams
OR simple novice users, single websites.

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