Yandex Locale alphabetical order

You can use owl KEYRA for your Yandex keyword position tracking. Use the below table to find your options for your desired language:

URL Country Locale Belarus Belorussian Kazakhstan Belorussian Russia Belorussian Turkey Belorussian Ukraine Belorussian Worldwide Belorussian Belarus English Kazakhstan English Russia English Turkey English Ukraine English Worldwide English Belarus French Kazakhstan French Russia French Turkey French Ukraine French Worldwide French Belarus German Kazakhstan German Russia German Turkey German Ukraine German Worldwide German Belarus Kasakh Kazakhstan Kasakh Russia Kasakh Turkey Kasakh Ukraine Kasakh Worldwide Kasakh Belarus Russian Kazakhstan Russian Russia Russian Turkey Russian Ukraine Russian Worldwide Russian Belarus Tatar Kazakhstan Tatar Russia Tatar Turkey Tatar Ukraine Tatar Worldwide Tatar Turkey Turkish Belarus Ukrainian Kazakhstan Ukrainian Russia Ukrainian Turkey Ukrainian Ukraine Ukrainian Worldwide Ukrainian

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