Track your competitors real time

    Track your competitors real time

    Every business has a competitor. Every serious business has a dozen of competitors. Every successful business has hundreds of competitors. It is important to track your competitor as close as you can. However, the bigger you are, the more they are and harder it gets.

    Now, imagine a technology, that can inform you of their online efforts (marketing, SEO, etc) real time. Yes, real time. This means, that the decision person from your competitor when its informed about the results; you get the same update as well. No illegal or industry-related spying involved. Just publicly accessible Google keyword position monitoring.

    Requirements for this tactic to work is to monitor 50-100 important keywords per your competitor, on a recurrent basis. Daily keyword position tracking reports offer real-time updates. Weekly reports give you an opportunity to react in time before something serious happens. Monitoring your top ten competitors can recurrently drain your budget with a few hundred euros. Still, it is the cheapest and the fastest method, legally accepted and exploited by marketing, SEO, growth and business professionals.

    Constant keyword position tracking for your targeted SERPs gives you an incredible edge. Already existing keyword position monitoring tactics can be implemented in other business areas as well. Keyword ranking place monitoring done regularly and properly, may help you with your most important business challenges. By tracking your important keyword’s search engine result page, you can influence your online presence. Read the owl KEYRA series from our blog to find out more.

    Track your competitors real time with owl KEYRA – mobile and desktop keyword position monitoring!

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