Timely spot new competitors & tactics

    Timely spot new competitors & tactics

    Having access to a recurrent source of vital information can aid any business to take better decisions. Doing recurrent keyword position monitoring for you and your top competitors, you can gain extra insights, besides the actual ranking.

    When you notice a sudden blank spot in the keyword position tracking results, that is constantly growing, it means, that you have a new competitor. Noticing a new competitor, while they are only entering top 100 gives you enough time to consolidate more, the keywords they are targeting. This will give you a fighting chance to stand your ground, with your organic keywords ranking result page. Requirements for this tactic to work is to monitor 100-150 keywords for you and several competitors.

    While you analyze this new competitor, you can actually notice how they rank and what strategy they are using. Mostly, a new competitor, appearing out of the blue, with the same strategy, like one of your biggest competitors means, that they created a new vertical to strategically occupy the same ranking result page with less effort and investment. Having two brands, competing for the same customers means trouble for you. The more options a customer has, the less they buy from you. Requirements for this tactic to work is to notice similarities between already monitored competitor and a new entry. When a new competitor appears – a full report for all keywords, for all competitors – can highlight common areas and identify more easily, the same already known owner behind.

    Also, while you analyze a sudden rank change, you can notice strategies used. Based on their value, you can implement the same tactics to grow or make sure you don’t repeat them, to avoid being penalized. Actually discovering these tactics is quite easy, since every keyword links to a page. Discovering that page is the starting point of your investigation, and searching further, you discover their marketing strategies or other valuable business insights. Requirements for this tactic to work is to monitor both desktop position monitoring & mobile position monitoring of your competitor and the keyword position tracking report should contain their ranking URL as well.

    Constant keyword position tracking for your targeted SERPs gives you an incredible edge. Already existing keyword position monitoring tactics can be implemented to other business areas as well. Keyword ranking place monitoring done regularly and properly, may help you with your most important business challenges. By tracking your important keyword’s search engine result page, you can influence your online presence. Read the owl KEYRA series from our blog to find out more.

    Spot new competitors & tactics with owl KEYRA – mobile and desktop keyword position monitoring!

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