New Release – owl KEYRA – statistics: COUNTRY overview

owl KEYRA - statistics: COUNTRY overview

We are very excited to share with you more information on our new releases:

owl KEYRA now has a COUNTRY overview, for both mobile keyword monitoring and desktop keyword monitoring, as a dedicated tab, for each customer.

We think you’re going to be very pleased with the new statistics.

owl KEYRA Release Announcement:
The keyword position comparison up till now was only available on the TODAY tab for each report. Viewing the keywords position in the reports did not offer a clear picture overall per country, nor per desktop/mobile keywords position. We considered this a nuisance to actually have the data, but not present it in a matter, that is humanly readable and easy to understand.

For this, we created a totally new dashboard, named COUNTRY, where your single or multiple countries are present in a meta-presentation. Check out this live example:

owl KEYRA - statistics: COUNTRY overview

Notice influential SEO changes: owl KEYRA – mobile and desktop keyword position monitoring.

COUNTRY overview:
The main benefit for the data visualization, inside the COUNTRY tab is a clear picture for comparison between countries or mobile/desktop or keyword top positions. For easy comparison, we positioned mobile right next to the desktop, so you can track performance difference between them more easily. The easy to understand month-over-month feature was implemented here also, for a segmented view of your top 100 keywords: all, existing, missing, top 1-5, top 10, top 25, top 50, top 75, and top 100.

Now, with the new Country comparison, the countries are positioned next to each other and they offer a simple and easy to understand message for what is different and what is similar for you existing, missing, desktop top 1-100 keywords or mobile top 1-100 keywords. How they rank, as a whole, inside the top 100 positions for desktop and mobile: like more on the top, or middle or bottom. This implemented on the recurrent report, should offer you an extra alarm, when things start to disappear from top 100 and shift down towards the drain.

Until now, these statistics were available only via individual keyword position, with a huge negative impact on tracking an overall performance view per country. Noticing a trend as the keyword(s) shifted several times as days/weeks passed or comparison between them was impossible. Accepting the position loss, drafting a plan, implementing it, meant more time passing for the keyword(s) position loss. Waiting for better positions was a hopeless dream, as it never happened.

owl KEYRA – keyword monitoring: Daily e-mail reports for MOBILE and DESKTOP keyword position monitoring on any SERP, any COUNTRY, any LANGUAGE.

owl KEYRA feature compatibility:
STATISTICS: COUNTRY overview, as a new feature is available for all customers, without affecting your invoice. It is compatible with the following recurrent reports:

  • All SERP’s: Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, or Yahoo.
  • All available language for each SERP: Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, or Yahoo.
  • International keyword position monitoring per country.
  • Local keyword position monitoring per country.
  • Desktop keyword position monitoring.
  • Mobile keyword position monitoring
  • Desktop + Mobile keyword position monitoring
  • Mobile keyword position URL
  • Desktop keyword position URL
  • Mobile keyword position + URL
  • Desktop keyword position + URL
  • Mobile & Desktop keyword position + URL

Monitor your keyword rankings with owl KEYRA – mobile and desktop Google position monitoring.

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