Notice influential SEO changes

    notice influential SEO changes

    The reality is, that you are not in the loop of the latest industry changes around SEO. Even if you have a dedicated SEO team, does not mean, that you have fresh insights on what really matters. Being informed about something and being informed about the impact of something is two different thing. Most internet savvy persons read about SEO changes and SERP updates. What that actually means and how it affects their online business mostly eludes them.

    Requirements for this tactic to work is to monitor 100-200 keywords for a few domains. Your competitors come handy in this since you and they rank for the same keywords or closely related keywords. WHEN YOU NOTICE a sudden drop or disappearance from top 100 for everybody, means, that a game-changing event occurred. These are mostly technical challenges, that can be solved within a few days. Noticing this drop is important because the first who recuperates from this gets a better result. Being the first to eliminate the technical penalty can give you a serious edge over your competitors. Be vigilant and monitor constantly. Knowledge is power!

    Constant keyword position tracking for your targeted SERPs gives you an incredible edge. Already existing keyword position monitoring tactics can be implemented to other business areas as well. Keyword ranking place monitoring done regularly and properly, may help you with your most important business challenges. By tracking your important keyword’s search engine result page, you can influence your online presence. Read the owl KEYRA series from our blog to find out more.

    Notice influential SEO changes: owl KEYRA – mobile and desktop keyword position monitoring.

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