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keyword position tracking pitfalls

Knowing where you rank on the search results page and tracking positional changes over time gives you valuable insights into the SEO performance of your work. A lot goes into ranking for your chosen keywords, and it’s quite the time-and-budget consuming process. It’s also easy to get lost in the ultimate focus of making improvements.

So how can you do that effectively? Avoid these common pitfalls of keyword position tracking!

  1. To costly top 5 positions


    • Ranking on the top of the search engine results page position is a dream come true. However, it is everybody’s dream. Don’t let the desire to be #1 make you lose your focus. You don’t need to burn valuable resources to prove to your competition, that every keyword can be better ranking, than theirs. Invest your money, time and focus on other keywords or segments.
  2. To much focus on top 5 positions


    • Another important fact is, that focusing too much on ranking for #1 on a specific group of keywords, could mean ignoring the rest of them. When this zoomed in focus affects other keywords, it’s time to take a step back and reconsider your priorities
  3. Keyword Tunnel Vision


    • There’s one final issue you have to overcome, and it’s one in the fundamental idea of tracking keyword ranking in the first place. There are easy to rank keywords and there are hard to rank keywords. Easy to rank keywords are called low hanging fruits. They don’t need extra work, they are stable and fast to rank in top 10. Since they are so easily manageable, then keep them in a separate group. Reshuffle your resources to the other keywords, that need extra focus, time and money.

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