What are filter tags?

When you want to see contacts from a certain online form it’s not very useful to stare at a list of 1000+ entries. Instead, though, what you can do is drill down into your contacts, so you can see only the list you are interested in. You can do that by accessing owl Contacts / Tweaks / Online form section. Here you can add tags according to the specifics of you online forms.

Advantages of using filter tags
– saves time
– allow custom tags to filter after specifics inside
– you can add as many tags as you want and can set up unlimited forms
– define unique tags for customer, brand or company

How to use filter tags section?
1. If you want to add tags just press the ,,add new” button. Complete the two columns ,,Tag name” and ,,Applies to” and to finalize, click on the ,,save” button from the right side.

2. You can change any information by using the ,,edit” or ,,delete” buttons. Make sure you select at least one filter tag before performing any action.

3. If you want to modify specific filter tags, you can use the ,, search” bar from the right side. This will help you save time and make sure you selected the right ones.

How to avoid cluttering your app with tags
You can add tags manually into your online form, directly in the code. This means, that you can add tags, that don’t exist inside the owl CONTACTS at that moment. When a form, that contains this NEW TAG is submitted, then, those tags are added into the application. You can use this feature to: test landing page variations, different approaches from testing, different sources or points of origin for the same form, affiliate or partner tracking, etc. With this feature, your will only have tags, that have at least one entity (customer, brand, company) attached to them. If you want to use this feature follow the next steps:
1. Go to owl Contacts / Tweaks / Online form and choose a section that you want to add more tags

2. Go to the bottom of that page and select at least one tag and then click on the ”generate form” button

3. Copy your form and paste into your website page. Here you can manually add the tags directly in the form generated code. Below you have an example of how and where to add these tags.

CUSTOMER TAGS: add this code

< input name=”customerTags” type=”hidden” value=”YOUR-CUSTOM-TAG-GOES-HERE,CUSTOM-TAG2-GOES-HERE” />

right before this

< /fieldset>
< fieldset>< legend> Company:< /legend>

COMPANY TAGS: add this code

< input name=”companyTags” type=”hidden” value=”YOUR-CUSTOM-TAG-GOES-HERE,CUSTOM-TAG2-GOES-HERE” />

right before this

< /fieldset>
< fieldset>< legend> Brand:< /legend>

BRAND TAGS: add this code

< input name=”brandTags” type=”hidden” value=”YOUR-CUSTOM-TAG-GOES-HERE,CUSTOM-TAG2-GOES-HERE” />

right before this

< input name=”userId” type=”hidden” value=”57835bf1359bre49673349dc” /> (value in unique for each account)


1 – you can use the same tags for customer/company/brand or have individual for each entity
2 – these tags will be created inside owl CONTACTS when they are submitted with data from your online form

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