Online Form Builder & lead capture CRM

FEATURES for your marketing and WordPress:

Create a simple form with only a few fields and add it to a floating bar to your header or footer.

Online form builder with features to generate custom contact, subscribe, and lead capture forms.

Lead-Capturing form builder for savvy marketers

professional tools for a Full Stack Marketeer

Brands exist since the dawn of business, yet nobody tracks them as real-valued entities. This changes now with our unique solution!

Use any fields you need from Users / Company/ Brands segment. Create a seamless experience every time for your customers.

owl CONTACTS is the best solution for marketeers

make it yours, because you can Customize Everything

Use custom tags to filter after specifics inside Users / Company/ Brands after specific. We even suggest using way more tags in owl CONTACTS.

Define your country’s legal corporate abbreviations. Make it your own and make it easy for those who fill out your awesome forms.

Use owl CONTACTS to generate more business easily

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