How to display entities in separate columns?

This tutorial is part of the owl Contactsrecommended features for your marketing and WordPress. With this post, you will understand why and how to add your form in separate columns, withing your WordPress page.

owl Contacts allows you to display the online forms in separate columns, this way your customers will have a better view of the information they have to provide. This type of display can be useful on landing pages, contact pages, support pages, checkout pages and much more, depending on your needs.

How to generate an online form in separate columns
1. Go to owl Contacts/Tweaks/Online form so you can access the form builder.
2. On the ”Settings” tab, make sure that ”Display form fields” is set on ”vertical”.



3. Make sure that ”WordPress column code” is set on ”show”.

4. Choose wich entities you want to show, just enable the ”show” button on the desired fields.
5. If you want to change the settings for this entities, access the tabs that are next to the ”Settings”.

6. After all, your settings are complete, click on ”Generate form” button and then the ”Copy form” button.
7. The last step is to ”paste” the code into your website page and save the changes. The final result should be like in the picture below.

wp collumns 4

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