How to create an online form?

New to owl Contacts? We have created a series of articles so you can have a better understanding of how this application works. From this article, you will learn how to create your first online form.

About owl Contacts online form
The online form section contains 4 types of settings: general settings, customer settings, company settings and brand settings. Each section contains all the information you need to build your online form that suits your needs. Also, it has multiple functions, it can be used as: contact form, subscribe form, marketing tool, etc.

The advantages of using our online form
– Multiple uses
– Easy to build
– You don’t need technical skills to use it
– Freedom of customizing everything
– Saves a lot of time and money

How to create an online form
Go to owl Contacts / Tweaks / Online form section so you can access the online form builder.form
On the right side, you have the settings area, where you can personalize your form. If you want to edit a specific section ex: customer section, just click on the ,,customer’’ tab so you can see all the options.

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After you finish all the settings go to bottom left and click the ,, generate form’’ button.

Congratulation! You just generated your first online form. All you have to do now is click on the ,,copy form’’ button and paste it into your page.


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