Why do I need the Company section?

How does this page help me?
The ,,Company Type” settings page can be found by accessing owl Contacts / Tweaks / Company and can help you define your country’s legal corporate abbreviations. Also, you can save a lot of time when you search for a specific list of clients. You can filter the search results by listing only the companies that have a certain abbreviation. This way, you can access only the information needed at that time.

How to use the Company Type page?
1. If you want to add abbreviations just click on the ,,add new” button, type the desired abbreviation and then click ,,save”.

2.Each time you add a new abbreviation you will notice that the status is by default ,,enabled”. If you want to change the status select the abreviation and click the ,,disabled” button from the right side.

3. You can edit or delete your entries at any time. Depending on the desired action, you have to select at leat one, click ,,edit” or ,,delete” and then ,,save”.

4. If want to change or delete a specific set of abbreviations, the fastest way is to use the ,,search” bar so you can access all the abbreviations from that category and perform the desired action.

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