How can I access my contacts?

All your contacts can be found by accessing the owl Contacts application. We have divided this information into 3 pages: Companies page, Brand page, and Customer page.

What is Companies page?
By accessing the ”Companies” page you will be able to see a full list of the companies that submitted to your online forms. If you want to see details from a specific company, click on the company name and access the page. Here you cand add or delete information according to your needs.


What is the Brand page?
The ”Brand” page allows you to see all the brand list associated with one or more companies. To edit information from a brand, click on the brand name and access al the details. Here you can add a logo, links to social media profiles and much more.


What is Customer page?
The ”Customer” page contains a list of all your customers. To edit information from a customer, click on the customer name and access al the details. Like in the other pages, you can edit any information and build your contact profile according to your standards.


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