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Competitor SEO Auditing


You always compare your online business to your competitors. It’s a safe and flourishing strategy. However, constantly monitoring manually the competition is a burdensome task. Constantly checking their SEO strategy is, even more, time and resource consuming. So, how do you gather this vital SEO information from each competitor?

Simply, with a single owl WECRA report.
So, how does owl WECRA audit reports help you? You receive a single report, per competitor, that contains all the following SEO information from all your competitor’s page:

  • each Page Title and their character length
  • each Page Description and their character length
  • all Keywords from each Page
  • FAST Competitor SEO Auditing: How do you compare the SEO content of ALL your competitors?

    From the report, focusing only on the information you can see:

  • what is the main focus of your competitor
  • what keywords are their main driving engine
  • in what context and content do they rank
  • how they gather their SEO influence for ranking

  • From the report, focusing only on keywords you can see where they:

  • ignore cheap single/plural keywords
  • focus on head terms or long tail keywords
  • reap the benefits of low hanging fruits

  • From ALL the competitors reports, focusing only on the commonly present keywords you can see:

  • the business niche keywords (head terms)
  • the business worthy keywords (costly in CPC)
  • the local adaptations keywords (long tails)
  • the marketing variations keywords (long tails)
  • EASY Competitor SEO Auditing: How do you gather ALL SEO information from all your competitors?