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We understand, that money can be tight sometimes. We about your online presence so we decided to . We can offer a STARTUP account or any needed as long as you are eligible AND willing spread the news.

Contact us using the form this page provides if you are eligible.

Are you eligible?

We accept as eligible entity any of the below options:

    » non-profit: Prove that you are a legal, non-profit organisation.
    » charity: Prove that you are a charitable organization.
    » artistic: Prove that your choosen moniker exists online.
    » education: Prove that you are an educational organization.
    » blogger: Prove that you have at least 100 subscribers.

What are the acceptance criteria?

The "spread the news" criteria are tasks that we require from our FREE users. These tasks should take a few minutes from your time, once a month. We use these as a method to promote our , so we don't impose a limit on the FREE accounts we offer. This way, more of your frinds can benefit from our FREE . We require at least one option from below list for recurrent , each month. These tasks are done upfront, upon participation acceptance.

    » footer link: Allow us to add a short text with a link towards our website.
    » blog posts: We accept any post about any subject related to our in any language.
    » marketing ad: Allow us to add one simple non-itrusive banner that links towards our website.
    » newsletter: Send a single e-mail marketing campaing to your subscribers.
    » social promotion: Mention our on several social media platforms.

It's easy and FREE to join!

Get up and running today. Just one approval to join—no third-party advertiser approvals.

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