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Hidden Communities thriving on Personal Data


Hidden Communities thriving on Personal Data

There has been a great deal of attention given to companies with which we engage every day regarding our Personal Data – and for very good reason. But what about the businesses that work in the background, away from the media’s spotlight and outside of people’s day-to-day online regimen? It is time that these companies – which run within the hidden data community – receive the attention and analysis they deserve.

We use the word hidden since it’s exceptionally hard – even for specialists – to completely understand what exactly is going on to your personal information. This is a general issue that impacts the software application we utilize daily and the devices we rely on. Yet nowhere is such information exploitation more consistent and systemic than in the online advertising ecosystem. Online marketers and credit bureaus have actually always gathered, analysed, and put together great deals of information about individuals: from commitment programs to consumer credit reporting. Now, in addition, the drive to produce ever more targeted advertisements has developed an entire ecosystem made up of countless businesses that are all in the business of tracking and profiling people in practice, and all aspects of their lives. The issue is: today’s prevalent digital tracking is mainly unnoticeable.


A compliant and sustainable long-term operational behaviour. Have a rock-solid foundation for privacy procedures and mandate compliance.

Watch this video explaining the risks of Personal Data exploitation throughout all business sectors. Also, find out what you need to and CAN DO about it.



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Identify high-risk problems. Taking access and rights management into serious consideration is the foundation for a safely guarded online presence throughout your domain.

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