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Embedded Sneaky Google Fonts Violates GDPR in 2023

WP GDPR FEB 2022: Covert Sensitive Data Disclosures FEB 2022

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Google Fonts Violates GDPR in 2023! A regional court in the German city of Munich has ordered a website operator to pay EUR100 in damages for moving a user’s persona data– i.e., IP address– to Google through the search giant’s Fonts library without the individual’s authorisation.

The unauthorised disclosure of the plaintiff’s IP address by the unnamed website to Google constitutes a breach of the user’s privacy rights, the court said, including the site operator could theoretically combine the collected details with other third-party information to recognise the “individuals behind the IP address.”

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The offence amounts to the “plaintiff’s loss of control over an individual information to Google,” the judgment issued by Landgericht München’s third civil chamber in Munich read.


Google Fonts is a font embedding service library from Google, permitting designers to add fonts to their Android apps and websites merely by referencing a stylesheet. Since January 2022, Google Fonts is a repository for 1,358 font families and is embedded by over 50.1 million sites.


Under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), information points such as IP addresses, advertising IDs, and cookies are counted as individually recognisable information (PII), making it necessary for companies to look for users’ specific permission before processing such details.


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In addition, the court kept in mind that “Google Fonts can also be used by the defendant without a connection to a Google server is developed and the IP address of the website user is transferred to Google,” effectively requiring sites to host the fonts locally.


Aside from purchasing the site to stop divulging the IP address by embedding the font library, the court also advised the company running the website to show the affected celebration information about the kind of personal data that it shops and is being processed.


The choice comes weeks after the Austrian Data Protection Authority (DSB) ruled that making use of Google Analytics by a health-focused site called NetDoktor breaches the GDPR guideline by exporting visitors’ information to Google servers in the U.S., thereby unlocking for potential security by the U.S. intelligence services.

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