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GDPR Services report 11 Private Data breaches – Week 27, 2019


GDPR Services report 11 Private Data breaches

– Week 27, 2019 –

This is a curated list about last week’s latest news from by our GDPR Services. Be informed about the latest 11 Private Data breaches, identified and reported publicly during Week 27, 2019.

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  • A number of leaky AWS S3 storage buckets care of bad IT security at integrator Attunity (now owned by Qlik) was discovered by researchers recently.

  • There has been another massive data leak from unsecured Elasticsearch storage.
    • This one originates from Orvibo, makers of smart home products. There are more than 2 billion records online, and they include unsalted (but hashed) passwords and precise locations of their devices. There are about a million users’ details, including hotels, offices and residences. The implications are major because “Much of the data can be pieced together both to disrupt a person’s home while possibly leading to further hack,” according to the researchers who found the data. The company has tried to get the vendor to close the leak. Report: Orvibo Smart Home Devices Leak Billions of User Records and Smart home maker leaks customer data, device passwords



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Discover more trending and viral stories from our GDPR Service. The remaining Private Data breaches made news headlines. All these news related to GDPR Services happened just in the last week.

  • Taiwan’s civil service system reports data breach

  • Laying blame on employee in Desjardins data breach is ignoring the big picture, security experts say
    • Despite many blaming the employee who allegedly leaked almost 3 million individuals’ information in the recent data breach at The Desjardins Group, some experts warn that this is over-simplifying the problem and not laying enough blame on the company itself. Huge data theft by employee at Canadian credit union

  • A Chinese provincial public security agency has leaked two ElasticSearch databases contained more than 90 million of its citizens online.

  • There has been another fine for GDPR violations, this time levied at Marriott for its breach last November.
    • A total of 7 million guest records of UK visitors, out of 339 million total records, have been leaked online since 2014. The Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK has set the fine at £99 million (or $124 million). Statement: Intention to fine Marriott International, Inc more than £99 million under GDPR for data breach



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