GDPR Services report 19 Private Data breaches – Week 24, 2019

GDPR Services report 19 Private Data breaches – Week 24, 2019

GDPR Services report 19 Private Data breaches

– Week 24, 2019 –

This is a curated list about last week’s latest news from by our GDPR Services. Be informed about the latest 19 Private Data breaches, identified and reported publicly during Week 24, 2019.

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  • GrabCar fined for unauthorised disclosure of customer data in 120, 000 marketing emails
    • Ride-hailing firm GrabCar has been fined $16,000 for the unauthorised disclosure of the names and mobile numbers of 120,747 customers in marketing e-mails. The 2017 incident arose from an e-mail mismatch where the affected customer’s data was disclosed to only one other individual in each case. On Dec 17, 2017, GrabCar sent 399,751 marketing e-mails to a targeted group of customers but 120,747 of these contained the name and mobile number of another customer.

  • Philly Courts Still Down After Cyber-Attack
    • On June 11, Government Technology reported that the computer networks of the Luzerne County Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania continue to be impacted, leaving inmates unable to order items from the jail commissary. After a May 21, 2019, cyber-attack downed Philadelphia’s online court system for e-filing and docketing services, issues remain throughout the county, according to Government Technology.

  • A misconfiguration on the website of Kingman Regional Medical Center posed a security vulnerability to the data of an estimated 1,100 patients
    • On April 9, Kingman Regional learned that it may have had a possible security problem with its public website. The issue was found during a regular internal check of the public website, a step that some other providers may not take, says Teri Williams, director of communications and marketing. An outside forensics investigation found the configuration of the website made it possible for one or more unauthorized persons to view information entered into the website by patients. Possibly compromised data included patient names, dates of birth and information related to medical conditions for which patients were requesting services. Patient medical records, Social Security numbers and financial information were not compromised, Williams says.Kingman Regional website configuration exposed patient info

  • Evite had a security breach in February.
    • “An unauthorized party had acquired an inactive data storage file associated with our user accounts,” the company stated in a recent notice. The data included user names and passwords, but no financial information. No further details were mentioned. All passwords have been reset. Data Incident

  • 2019 is already proving a fruitful year for hackers with millions of records stolen, medical data leaks, and credit card data theft.
    • Read these brief insights about: HIV sufferers, Abused children at risk, 540 million Facebook user records, Georgia Tech, Toyota, Treatment for addiction, 19 million people impacted, but how?, Canva, First American, Hotel security audit logs, Quest Diagnostics, AMCA and Australian National University These are the 12 worst hacks, cyberattacks, and data breaches of 2019 (so far)

  • Personal info of 20M people at risk after massive data breach
    • A massive data breach has put personal information of more than 20 million people at risk. Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh is urging residents to take steps to protect themselves, saying American Medical Collection Agency’s payment system was compromised on Aug. 1, 2018, and remained vulnerable through March. Personal info of 20M people at risk after massive data breach



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Discover more trending and viral stories from our GDPR Service. The remaining Private Data breaches made news headlines. All these news related to GDPR Services happened just in the last week.


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