GDPR Services: 29 stories worth reading from March 2019

GDPR Services: 29 stories worth reading from March 2019

GDPR Services: 29 stories worth reading from March 2019

Be informed from our GDPR Services about the latest 29 newsworthy cases and funny happenings Worldwide, identified and reported publicly during March, 2019. As these Private Data breaches have a severe negative impact on any business and highly serious legal consequences, consider a single implementation package ( on-demand GDPR COMPLIANCE ) or a recurrent monthly service of (GDPR COMPLIANCE ADD-ON) together with your dedicated data protection OFFICER package.

  • A very sensitive data leak from a spyware vendor has been available online for more than six weeks.
    • The leak contained images and audio recordings from consumers’ phones. Troy Hunt examined the nearly 20GB of data to verify it is legit. Reporters have been unsuccessful with various attempts to contact the vendor, and are not naming the vendor to try to protect the data. This Spyware Data Leak Is So Bad We Can’t Even Tell You About It

  • Medical supplier Zoll suffered a breach of its email hosted on a third-party site.

  • Here is a depressing article about why phishing is so potent.
    • Using a team of tech-saavy developers, a third of the recipients were still fooled by a very cleverly-designed phish to click on the embedded link. And 14 percent of them submitted personal data as a result. This post shows the importance of security awareness training. Phishing my company. An infosec lesson for businesses

  • Bruce Schneier has a long list of suggested privacy improvements for Facebook.
    • Now if only Zuck was really serious about doing any of them. These include more usable privacy options, more anti-stalking protection, better transparency, ending enforcement for real names in accounts and lots more. Judging Facebook’s Privacy Shift

  • The Pakistani passport office has been hit by a similar attack to last month’s one on Cairo’s Bangladeshi embassy.



Compliant and sustainable long-term GDPR operational behaviour. Have a rock-solid foundation for privacy procedures and GDPR mandate compliance.

Discover trending and viral stories about GDPR Services Worldwide. The remaining Private Data breaches breaches made news headlines. All these happened just in the last month.

  • This handy reference guide explains the level of privacy available with various security tools, such as VPNs, anonymous browsing sessions, and privacy-enhanced search engines.

  • Two Kiev-based app developers have been sued by Facebook. The social networking company claims they have created malware-infested extensions to their platform.

  • Another open MongoDB database was hacked, this one containing API calls for Dalil, a Saudi caller ID app.

  • An extensively researched report on the online criminal underworld is now available from Bromium.
    • It documents how various players profit from malware, laundering money, scams, and theft of intellectual property, credit cards and data. These are all accomplished using a variety of techniques. The entirely of “cybercrime as a service” world is staggering. Cybercrime has gone from being a simple business to an entire “Web of Profit”– which is the name of this report and is worthy of your attention. Into the Web of Profit Landmark research by Dr. Mike McGuire

  • Sports collectable and notable baseball card vendor Topps has been hit with a Magecart formjacking attack.
    • The breach notification is posted here: NOTICE OF DATA BREACH . Online customers who made purchases at the end of 2018 could be at risk of personal data, including payment cards and should monitor their credit card statements.

  • This firm has developed the Pwn Index, a score for the price of leaked data from breaches.

  • A new report from 4iQ looks at the past year’s top 12 breaches.
    • The six “Collections” was in the top spot. For the first time, underground data brokers are actively including in their offerings citizen data, such as voter data. There is some good news: the number of leaky devices is slowly on the decline. IDENTITIES IN THE WILD: THE LONG TAIL OF SMALL BREACHES

  • A total of 45,000 patients of the Rush Medical System patients may have been compromised in a data breach.



data protection OFFICER

Identify high-risk problems. Taking access and rights management into serious consideration is the foundation for a safely guarded online presence throughout your domain.

Do you have any concerns with Security breaches? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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