Soliloquy Slider & ADD-ONS

Soliloquy Slider & ADD-ONS

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LIVE PREVIEW HERE. For details, please visit the product description page. GNU GPL (General Public License) or Agency License. Product related support (including add-ons, updates, developer and/or customer support) will be provided for owl WPS customers only.

The Best Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

Create beautiful responsive WordPress sliders in minutes.

Finally, a WordPress Slider Plugin that’s both Easy and Powerful
Soliloquy is the best WordPress slider plugin. Here are the features that make Soliloquy the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress slider plugin in the market.

Drag & Drop Builder
Easily create a beautiful image and video sliders with just a few clicks.

Responsive Mobile Friendly
WordPress sliders that work on mobile, tablet, & desktop.

Slider Templates
Use our pre-built templates to customize your WordPress slider.

WooCommerce Product Slider
Boost your sales by adding interactive product sliders to your WooCommerce store.

FullScreen Lightbox
Enable slideshow display in a fullscreen lightbox mode for a better user experience.

Dynamic Sliders
Create dynamic sliders from Featured blog posts, Instagram images, Testimonials, and more.

Build Beautiful Sliders in minutes, not hours
Are you tired of bloated, confusing, and buggy slider plugins? Yup, we were too. That’s why we built Soliloquy to adapt to your workflow and allow you to create responsive WordPress sliders in minutes.

Unrivalled Performance and Security
Soliloquy has no equal when it comes to performance and security. We created the fastest WordPress slider plugin by using a hybrid technique called dynamic asynchronous ajax preloading. Our code has been audited by Mark Jaquith, lead developer of WordPress, to give you total peace of mind. WPBeginner compared the top 5 slider plugins, and Soliloquy was 2x faster than all competitors.

Mobile Ready, SEO Friendly, and Optimized for UX
Soliloquy is completely responsive and mobile-friendly out of the box. Not only that, we optimized it for SEO to give you the maximum boost in search results. Soliloquy puts user experience first. That’s why it’s optimized for both speed and usability. Users can navigate through sliders with multiple control options as well as touch-swipe on mobile devices.

Easy to Customize and Adapt to Your Needs
Don’t get locked into a system that doesn’t change and grow with you. Soliloquy is built on a solid foundation that is able to adjust wherever and whenever you need it. With over 100+ configurable hooks and filters inside of the plugin, Soliloquy can be turned into any type of WordPress slider you can dream of.