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Hide My WP – Amazing Security

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See more. GNU GPL (General Public License) or Agency License. Product support will be provided for owl WPS customers only.

Hide My WP - Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress!

As most popular security plugin on Envato marketplaces, we have a large community of WP based businesses. Our amazing volunteers allow us to collect and analyze anonymous data from their IDS database. These data are very valuable for any security company. We instantly can discover any common vulnerability in the network and automatically protect our customers! As everything is done in the background you don’t need to do anything! Without a doubt, this is the simplest, fastest and the most efficient technique to protect WP based businesses!

Intrusion Detection System

Using one of the only WP-optimized Intrusion Detection (and Prevention) system you do not even need a vulnerability to be discovered. IDS automatically monitors the site and finds potential dangerous requests base on many different patterns. It assigns a number (Impact Factor) to each request which shows how dangerous it could be. You always access to all details of attackers: who are they, where are they from and how they are trying to hack your site! …and if they should block or not.

Hide the fact you use WordPress

We try to hide the fact you use WordPress on your site. This is a complex task but we could do it at its best! The magic starts now… But before it please note everything is in its default location and we do not change any WP folder or file. This guarantees maximum compatibility for Hide My WP.