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New From WPMU DEV: Cloner, the Site Cloning Plugin for WordPress Multisite

Sometimes you just need to make an exact copy of a site in your WordPress multisite network and you want to do it as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Other times you just want to copy all the users or posts.

Cloner, the latest WordPress multisite plugin from WPMU DEV allows you to effortlessly clone all or part of a site in your network. No fuss, no bother just a couple of clicks and it’s done.

Did you know you can try Cloner, our 100+ premium plugins and our other services absolutely FREE?!FIND OUT MOREPerfect for worry-free troubleshooting, staging, adding users to a new or existing site and distributing content across multiple sites, Cloner is destined to quickly become an essential tool for every WordPress multisite network owner.
Cloner is the latest addition to the WPMU DEV suite of site copying tools that includes Snapshot, New Blog Templates and Multisite Content Copier.

Each has its own particular focus and Cloner is the result of requests from users of CampusPress, WPMU DEV’s WordPress-powered education blogging tool.

It allows a network’s Super Admin to clone components (there are 9 to choose from) from one site to either an existing site or to a new site simply by entering the site’s slug and clicking on Clone Site.

Why Is That Useful?

There are a number of scenarios why being able to clone a component of, or an entire, site would be hugely beneficial to a WordPress multisite network owner:

Troubleshooting – we’ve all had the experience of an issue being reported on a site that requires the kind of debugging that just isn’t possible on a live site. Cloner allows the Super Admin to quickly and easily replicate the site to a private area for some in-depth prodding and poking out-of-sight from the site’s owners.

Creating new sites just like that one – another common request is to have a new site that looks and works just like an existing site. Cloner allows the Super Admin to do this in a couple of clicks. Of course, if the request is common enough then a “model” site can be created that can be copied as required.

Cloning a site’s users – there are often times when you might want to provide the users of one site with access to another. Using Cloner, the Super Admin can specify that only users are to be cloned meaning that everything else on the destination site remains in tact.

Staging – related to troubleshooting, Cloner is perfect for cloning an a test site to a public location (and leaving the test site fully operational) or for creating a test version of a live site to be worked on before cloning back to the live site.

No doubt that has piqued your interest, so let’s look at how the Cloner plugin does its job.