BASIC WP Services – PERFECTLY tailored to your 2021 needs

BASIC WP Services – PERFECTLY tailored to your 2021 needs

From:  49 / month


Your #1 option for BASIC WP Services:

Learn the secret why ALL WP owners from Europe are graduating from DIY OR switching providers, while making more business with our intelligent BASIC WP Services automation.

Using recurrent BASIC WP Services, your immediate benefits are:
NO more stress.
NO more urgent decisions.
NO more wasted money.
No more left behind.
No more waiting for an answer.
No more dreaming for a solution.
JUST constant improvements!

watch the WordPress Services teaser video:

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We believe that specialised WordPress Services should be:
Available to anyone.
Affordable for everyone.
Simple to understand.
Honest and dependable.
Reliable and fast.

BASIC WP Services:


BASIC WP Services – PERFECTLY tailored to your 2021 needs:

Antivirus, Firewall, WP maintenance (weekly full maintenance + clean-up), WP backup (daily DB + weekly files, 2 weeks retention period), WP monitoring (24x7x365) and automated reporting. Click here for a plan comparison.

Like talking to humans? So do we! Contact us: +40.720.146.287 or

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  • NO CONTRACT or long-term commitment required. Completely locked-in free BASIC WP Services.
  • LIFETIME VOLUME DISCOUNT for existing users (-33% OFF): Buy 2 of the same license, get 1 free, including ADD-ONS.
  • Consulting & recommendations for any challenge: DEDICATED ACCOUNT MANAGER.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK guarantee with dispute and buyer protection for BASIC WP Services.
  • Have a plan for 24~36 months? SECURE your price UPFRONT today & get a discount!
  • PROFIT with our RESELLER business deals as an AGENCY owner. WHITE LABEL for your customers!
  • LIFETIME PORTFOLIO DISCOUNT (-50% OFF) Bring ALL YOUR SITES: WP plan Upgrade/downgrade + add/remove domains.