Thrive Themes’ Thrive Comments

Thrive Themes’ Thrive Comments

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Build an Army of Engaged Visitors That Will Grow Your Site For You

The Hidden Power of Thrive Comments
Turn the Most Overlooked Feature on Your Website Into Your Most Valuable Asset
Change the Experience for Your Visitor...
Spur Engagement like Reddit and Facebook

Would you put a quarter in a vending machine that doesn't give anything back? No, of course not.

So why should visitors comment on your posts?

If they update their status on Facebook, within minutes they get likes and comments. If they post on Reddit, they could earn a coveted trophy next to their name. When they chime in on Quora, they could be voted the best answer to that question.

In a world where we're taught to get rewards constantly through likes, games and social validation - leaving a comment on a WordPress website can seem so... meh. The most a visitor can hope for is a simple reply.

Until Now...

Thrive Comments has collected all the most addictive elements of social media and community forums and added them to your WordPress comments, creating an irresistible channel for your audience to interact with your site.

Build An Engaged And Interactive Community By Giving:

visitors the satisfaction of seeing others "like" their comments
achievement through unlocking badges
validation through up-votes and featured comments
a chance to get a comment shared on social
Naturally, encourage quality comments and community contribution.