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employees managing a business website in #2024

How to run a business website in 2023:

External factors dictate the vision

  • Site developed by an external programmer, who has no clue how your business niche works.
  • Plugins and themes are chosen strictly from free or highly costly perspectives.
  • Changes and modifications are extra work and responsibility, and hard to implement.
  • Technical inexperience translates into platform limitations, and time/budget constraints.

How to solve online disasters in 2023:

WHO is responsible?!

  • Yesterday worked! It’s unacceptable how hosting and developers operate!
  • Lack of basic security, privacy or technical guideline constrains evolution.
  • Success guaranteed by external consultants, yet never happened.

How to launch a new website or eshop in 2023:

Switching responsibilities horror

  • The budget burned for nothing. And never enough to go LIVE.
  • Feature requests evolve into unrealistic training needs.
  • Documentation and training are not enough to use as planned.
  • Never finished, even after changing several responsible persons.
  • Superficialities make vital parts of security and speed ignored.
  • Extra changes are not agile, cost triple, and nobody is responsible.

What happens after launching a website in 2023:

Nobody mentioned this before!

  • Business critical parts don’t work on LIVE.
  • REAL customers are blocked to do business.
  • Nobody does maintenance, upgrades, or updates.
  • Security-wise fully flying in the dark.
  • Speed-wise relies on hope & infrastructure.
  • Hoping the next contractor can glue it together.

What happens next year with a business website:

Nobody noticed that is broken!

  • Online business is simply not profitable.
  • Always needing money to keep it afloat.
  • It’s cheaper and faster to simply order a new one.
  • A new budget burned just to understand what is broken.
  • Responsibility ownership is nonexistent by default.