Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

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DRaaS = Disaster Recovery as a Service for hosting server, domain, WordPress or WooCommerce related issues


Something awful and unexpected happened to your WP / Woo. We are here to HELP with:

  • » Crashed, Non-responsive or DOS attacked hosting server / WP / Woo
  • » Specific internal hosting server or WP / Woo errors
  • » Locked-out from WP / Woo admin or lost credentials
  • » Hacked, Hijacked or Defaced WP / Woo or domain
  • » Compromised WordPress or modules (theme, plugins, etc)
  • » Infected or spamming WP / Woo, files, DB, hosting account

Follow these steps to use the EUROPEAN EMERGENCY WordPress Dienstleistungen:

  1. – Order on this page and finish your checkout.
  2. – Make sure you bank confirms your order (you receive a payment confirmation).
  3. – Follow instructions from the automated email sent to the address from the order.
  4. – We’ll contact you during normal business hours (MON-THU, 10AM-16PM EEST).
  5. – Kindly call us, especially if outside business hours to help you as soon as possible.