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competition managing a business website in #2024

How to run a business website in 2023:

Corporate mentality:

Forcing a single option on you!

  • Don’t use that plugin/theme: not compatible with our infrastructure (technical escape-goat).
  • Use that plugin/theme: we depend on it (closed-door business decisions).
  • Upgrade your plan: to benefit from that must-have feature (profit margin boost).
  • Upgrade: you consumed all your available “technical limitations” (forced upgrade).

How to solve online disasters in 2023:

Corporate mentality:

They’ll swallow a lie if you repeat it enough!

  • We care about your security: yet they sold you outdated hardware/software.
  • We care about your privacy: yet they have hundreds of 3rd party trackers.
  • We care about your success: yet they provide support preferentially to higher tiers.

How to launch a new website or eshop in 2023:

Corporate mentality:

Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it!

  • The budget burned, before even going LIVE.
  • Feature-rich development = component clutter.
  • Clutter = complexity, time and cost explosion.
  • Finished within weeks or even months.
  • Ignored: security, speed, compliance, SEO.
  • Any extra start doubling estimated costs.

What happens after launching a website in 2023:

Corporate mentality:

Nothing is certain but the unforeseen.

  • Feature compatibility never tested on LIVE.
  • REAL customer interactions were never tested.
  • No maintenance, upgrades, or updates.
  • Security-wise fully flying in the dark.
  • Speed-wise relies on the cloud infrastructure.
  • Trusting 3rd-party best business behaviour.

What happens next year with a business website:

Corporate mentality:

Bite the bullet, it’s the cost of business.

  • Customers are unable to order & browse.
  • So left behind: update is a technical nightmare.
  • Modules are closed & impossible to Upgrade.
  • Cost to update similar/higher than a new site.
  • So unusable/cluttered, it is hard to get rid of it.