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Case Study: Staging environment – no alternative choice

Case Study: Staging environment
no alternative choice


Wait … let’s see if this sounds familiar???

You bought a hosting account and purchased a domain. But you didn’t have a site so you went trying to find a developer. As soon as you hired one, they began on your project right away. And it was so amazing. And after a couple of weeks, it’s ready to go online.

Up until they transfer it to your hosting provider and they can’t get it to load. At all. The developer tells you that your hosting sucks (exclusively) and that you require to host with the business they use since it supports the code that they have actually written.

You have actually wasted cash on your initial hosting, and now you’re needing to spend a lot more to get a new hosting, migrate your domain and set up your new website. Frustration doesn’t start to describe the feeling you’re experiencing.

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Sadly, this is a real pickle. You paid upfront for hosting, that you cannot use anymore. Your project, even when finished it is still unreleasable. It’s blocked in a dead-end, requesting more money to take the next step. You’re simply dissatisfied. And nothing is great. You’re experiencing the exact opposite of the wow effect. Read the ANALYSIS and find out HOW TO SOLVE this specific case.

ANALYSIS: Staging environment – no alternative choice

It might be your fault: ordering a hosting without knowing the needs and technical limitations of your future website is kinda wrong. Jumping into long-term plans, right in the beginning is also wrong. You don’t marry the person you meet, so don’t buy a yearly plan for your hosting needs right from the beginning. Wait a few months. See how it goes, how it evolves.

It might be your developers’ fault: there is a big chance you are hustled. Developers tend to act like they know it all; like their method is the only perfect way. Or plainly they want to trap you, tying you down for a long term. When your only option is to use them as your only solution provider for website and hosting – you don’t have a website and a hosting, but they have an almost inescapable customer.

HOW TO SOLVE: Staging environment – no alternative choice

Make sure you order the tools necessary for the job you plan to have. You need a hammer if you want to play with nails. Then ask you developer to: either use your already existing hosting account for presenting the evolving work, either set up a staging under your primary account. As there is no public website, both options are safe, since there is nothing online to affect. The staging environment (from the beginning of the project) will force both parties to make sure, that all goes according to the plan. It eliminates people, who try to trap you, forcing to pay them more and have no alternative to leave.

Make sure you order tools suited for the long term plans you have. You need a hammer, nails, wood and much more tools if you want to play with woodworking. Communicate your short term goals, and your long term plans to your developer. Force them to present their chosen option for a website as a comparison with an alternative. Avoid getting caught up with 1-2 extra features and ignoring vital details, like how easy is a daily use; how can you change things; how can you modify existing content or add a new one. Consider market share for your presented option. The smaller the niche it has, the less likely is to suit your needs. If your business is a specific corner case, you already know that, and you know what you want, what you need. Else, stick with the most walked path, with the most-used option. Off course we’re talking about WordPress!


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