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EURONEXT cautious with latest cloud trends

EURONEXT cautious with latest cloud trends, unlike other competitors

Euronext – the main exchange in the Eurozone – is not a fan of cloud computing provided by Microsoft, Google and Amazon. We salute this, as FOREIGN online banning and censorship rises in Europe, like the black plague in the middle ages.

“One of the reasons why we are cautious about the use of data centres of Microsoft, Google and Amazon for critical parts of what we do is because our core supervisors and regulators are themselves very cautious,” said said Stéphane Boujnah, CEO of the pan-European stock exchange, citing here from Reuters on Thursday, February 9, 2023.

Reporting news outlets apparently don’t have “meta hysteria”, pardon my french, meta history – as what might happened before, that lead here. Just as quick reminder, we know how to do a 5 second online search, unlike main stream media employees powered by the latest 2-letter buzzword: In October 2020, a “malfunction” on the Euronext infrastructure had a significant impact on the operation of European stock exchanges, impacting Brussels, Paris, Dublin, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Oslo, and Milan. Clearly nothing COVID related, as it does not infect computers – so I’ve been told.

Yet, Euronext still remembers and learned from its own past mistakes. “When it comes to strategic applications such as real-time data and operations of the market, we do not want them to be stored and operated by the data centres of companies which have decision-making centres outside the EU, and physical infrastructure outside the EU,” Boujnah added.

Funny, how this is just dropped here. I’m sure that is a mandatory, compulsory and has several “hush-DND” attached to it: “… Euronext only uses a cloud provider for storing historical data …”.

Euronext top competitions are so happy to jump into this latest trend:
– Deutsche Börse AG inked a decade-long agreement in FEB 2023 with Google as its “preferred” cloud for the next decade
– Nasdaq Nordic is working with AWS, which is composed of Scandinavian and Baltic stock exchanges
– London Stock Exchange went all in with Microsoft since 2022

SIX Swiss Exchange, which operates Switzerland’s major stock exchange also remain sovereign.

Read the whole news posting from reuters here: Euronext has no plans to copy rivals with cloud computing deal.

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