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Satire: ChatGPT, glitches, BIG TECH and many more

Satire: ChatGPT, glitches, BIG TECH and many more

This satire is related to a blogpost from BBC UK NEWS, the one and only news provider highly focused on cost of living and war in ukraine, as you can see right below their logo:


Please read their article first on their webpage: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-65047304, as I quote and comment throughout, and its a well written piece, that deserves first to be enjoyed, before I make my personal comments.

Here we go:

A ChatGPT glitch allowed some users to see the titles of other users’ conversations, the artificial intelligence chatbot’s boss has said. On social media sites Reddit and Twitter, users had shared images of chat histories that they said were not theirs.

— personal joke 01: why JUST Reddit and Twitter? ARE NO OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA sites anymore? ;))

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said the company feels “awful”, but the “significant” error had now been fixed.

— personal joke 02: Another Sam, also a CEO, of the now defunct FTX, had this exact reaction. Is this a template? :))

Many users, however, remain concerned about privacy on the platform.

— personal joke 03: with significant reason! Imagine having to explain in the near future why you don’t remember but had a contradictory chat conversation with your friend about THE LATEST CONTROVERSIAL subject – yet, the chat made the same stupid jokes, you make since ever…pffff.

— personal joke 04: with another significant reason! Imagine living with yourself, after finding out, that your personal conversation was used nation or industry wide to push a specific agenda. Talk about betrayal trauma. Plus, the dual-use of this technology its so obvious, early on.

Millions of people have used ChatGPT to draft messages, write songs and even code since it launched in November of last year.

Each conversation with the chatbot is stored in the user’s chat history bar where it can be revisited later.

— personal joke 05: Reformulating>> Each conversation with the chatbot is stored FOREVER on the platform, so it can be resold later to multiple 3rd parties and used in new products to shape the minds of the masses who start to think, that the french might be right asking the question: “will it bounce back?”.

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But as early as Monday, users began to see conversations appear in their history that they said they hadn’t had with the chatbot. One user on Reddit shared a photo of their chat history including titles like “Chinese Socialism Development”, as well as conversations in Mandarin.

— personal joke 06: Looking forward to add to my CV the new certified language capabilities, that might come handy after the next geopolitical fiasco.

On Tuesday, the company told Bloomberg that it had briefly disabled the chatbot late on Monday to fix the error.

— personal joke 07: Same with blocking withdrawal from owned bank accounts, also during non-business hours. Is this another template? :))

They also said that users had not been able to access the actual chats.

— personal joke 08: Funny how data disappears from cloud, when everybody wants a copy. There is no scratch for this itch!

The company’s privacy policy does say that user data, such as prompts and responses, may be used to continue training the model. But that data is only used after personally identifiable information has been removed.

— personal joke 09: In the era of browser+device fingerprinting? Microsoft AND Google respecting your privacy?? LOL

The blunder also comes just a day after Google unveiled its chatbot Bard to a group of beta testers and journalists.

Google and Microsoft, a major investor in OpenAI, have been jostling for control of the burgeoning market for artificial intelligence tools.

— personal joke 10: Sure, sure, competing against each other with the same investment. Yeah, logical.

But the pace of new product updates and releases has many concerned missteps like these could be harmful or have unintended consequences.

— personal joke 11: Like me publicly mocking a 17 sentence professional post with 12 stupid jokes?

Last stupid joke #12 on this ChatGPT subject, and I promise I will never touch this subject in public ever again – stop DDOS-ing the domain and blog! We’re not children! :)

It’s sad to see the entire European continent burn, as these technologies were released to the masses AND USED AGAINST THEM. No matter the reason: fighting for farmlands; standing firm against eating ZE BUGS; pushing back against rising age of retirement when life longevity declined recently OR the other problems, that I will not personally touch …. yet plague us here in Europe since 2020 + 2021 + 2022…..

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